New York Knicks File Lawsuit Against Toronto Raptors for Alleged Theft of Scouting Reports

The New York Knicks sue the Toronto Raptors over claims of stolen materials used in scouting reports.

Even in the NBA, the largest basketball league in the US, cases of insider information misuse have arisen.

A lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court alleges that Ikechukwu Azotam, a former employee of the New York Knicks across various departments, covertly forwarded confidential data to his personal Gmail account before sharing it with the Toronto Raptors, where he had accepted a position.

The Knicks contend that the Raptors utilised this proprietary information to support their newly appointed head coach, Darko Rajaković, in structuring coaching operations. Azotam, who had signed a confidentiality agreement, stands accused of breaching this agreement by disseminating sensitive materials.

The lawsuit names the Raptors organisation, Azotam, Rajaković, player development coach Noah Lewis, and other unnamed Raptors employees as defendants. The Knicks emphasise the significance of maintaining the confidentiality of these materials to preserve their competitive edge.

The lawsuit claims that the Raptors accessed approximately 3,000 files containing “film information and data” through the Knicks’ Synergy Sports Software, with over 2,000 accesses by 15th August.