Insider Threats Can Penetrate Any Organisation, State Or Government

The recent embezzlement scandal within the Vatican involves prominent individuals, spans multiple countries, and astonishingly involves covertly recording the Pope himself.

Inside the high walls of the Holy See, Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, former head of the office of “miracles” that minted saints, was considered papabile, a possible next pope.

Then his career collided with church prosecutors, who charged the 75-year-old Italian and nine other officials with corruption, setting up the Vatican’s trial of the century.

Last Saturday, Becciu, the first cardinal tried by the Vatican’s little-known criminal court, was found guilty of several counts of embezzlement after a trial marred by allegations of witness tampering and papal interference. Becciu was sentenced to five years and six months in a verdict read out in a converted quarter of the museum that houses the Sistine Chapel.”

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