Information Technology Disaster Recovery


This two-day course provides foundational knowledge for those in Information Technology Disaster Recovery (IT DR) roles who need to understand the foundations of developing and implementing an IT DR framework for their organisation; it is recommended for those new to IT DR or technology resilience roles.

The course introduces the basic concepts and functions of IT disaster recovery management and addresses how activities align with an organisation’s overall business continuity framework, and covers the fundamental steps of the IT DR lifecycle.

Discussion topics include evaluating technology risks, technology impact assessment, ITDR strategy development, ITDR Plan development, ITDR training and awareness, ITDR testing and ongoing audit, compliance and governance aspects.

Course attendees will learn how to assess technology risks, develop a technology-focused impact analysis, develop IT DR strategies and plans, select and implement disaster recovery tools and applications, design and implement training programs and develop testing and exercise plans.

The course incorporates interactive instruction, in-class discussions, small group work, and practical exercises. Attendees can participate in sample ITDR incident simulations they might face daily in a group or team scenario/situation. 


This course will help participants to:

  • Plan for and undertake a technology assessment
  • Plan for and undertake a Technology Impact Assessment
  • Develop IT Disaster Recovery strategy options
  • Develop an IT Disaster Recovery policy and plan(s)
  • Develop IT Disaster Recovery training and awareness materials
  • Develop IT Disaster Recovery testing and exercising strategies and plans
  • Assess Tools and Applications to support IT Disaster Recovery
  • Formulate and deliver effective publications and communications, including exercise outcomes reports and management briefings

Course Instructor

Your Instructor:
Rod Crowder

About Rod:

  • Rod is the Founder, Managing Director, and principal Consultant of OpsCentre, a boutique provider of Risk Management, Crisis and Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, Information Security, and IT Service Management Consultancy and training.
  • He is the Australia and New Zealand country representative and the Lead Instructor for Disaster Recovery Institute International, the oldest and largest NFP organisation serving resilience professionals.
  • He has over 25 years of experience in Risk, Resilience, BCP, ITDRP, and Information Security projects across the Asia Pacific for 140+ clients and over 420 client consultancy projects.
  • He chairs the Adaptive Business Continuity Advisory Group – an international think-tank committed to developing new resilience and business continuity methodologies and practices.
  • A regular speaker at Asia Pacific and USA Continuity Conferences such as CIMC, DRI and BCI.
  • Born in England, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Brighton and now lives in Sydney, Australia.

Topics Covered

  • Technology Risk Management
  • Technology Impact Assessment
  • Developing IT DR Strategies
  • IT Disaster Recovery Applications, Systems and Tools
  • Developing IT DR Plans
  • Developing IT DR Training
  • Developing IT DR Exercising


By attending this course, you will benefit from the comprehensive content and interactive nature of the training.

  • Gain a solid understanding of the essential concepts and functions of IT Disaster Recovery Management
  • Understanding the IT Disaster Recovery management lifecycle
  • Integration of IT Disaster Recovery with resilience frameworks such as business continuity management, crisis management, emergency management, IT Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security Management
  • Technical skills enhancement
  • Critical thinking skills development
  • Insights into IT DR management services
  • Awareness of IT Disaster Recovery management
  • Development of IT Disaster Recovery capabilities
  • Practical experiences through exercises

Who Should Attend

  • IT Disaster Recovery Managers
  • IT Operations and Support Managers
  • IT Risk & Resilience Managers
  • IT Compliance & Governance Managers


Before attending this course, participants should:

  • Understand the foundations of IT disaster recovery management

Course Length:

Two days, classroom and online instructor-led.

Special Arrangement:

This course may be offered by special arrangements at customer sites.

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