Employee Engagement Challenges Continue To Exist In 2023: A New Study Unveils The Difficulty Of Clarity In The Evolving Hybrid Workplace

In 2023, U.S. employees reported a continued sense of detachment from their employers, reflecting unclear expectations, diminished satisfaction, and reduced connection to the organisation’s mission compared to four years prior.

Gallup’s survey revealed a stagnation in employee engagement in the latter half of 2023, with 33% of workers engaged throughout the year, a slight decline from 2020’s peak of 36%.

Notably, the proportion of actively disengaged workers decreased from 18% in 2022 to 16% in 2023.

However, the decline in clarity of expectations emerged as a significant concern, possibly linked to the great resignation, restructuring, increased job responsibilities, and a lack of formal training for leaders in managing hybrid teams.

For more details about the findings, read Gallup latest article – “In New Workplace, U.S. Employee Engagement Stagnates”.