Program - Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure From Insider Threats (PCIIT)


The “Insider Threat” has been part of human history from the origins of civilisation. Almost all cultures have historical tales of insider threats. Trusted and capable human beings change course and ultimately do harm.

The threat posed by insiders against critical infrastructure is a growing concern in our modern interconnected world.

Insiders with legitimate access to sensitive systems and facilities can exploit their positions to cause significant harm.

Whether driven by personal grievances, financial incentives, ideological motivations, or coercion, insiders have the potential to disrupt vital services, compromise data integrity, and even facilitate cyberattacks.

This threat extends beyond the cyber realm, as physical infrastructure like power plants, transportation networks, water treatment facilities, electricity services, communication and other critical assets can also be vulnerable to insider data breaches, sabotage, espionage and state-sponsored attacks.

Given this threat landscape, it is imperative that critical infrastructure entities prioritize and dedicate resources to pre-empt and/or mitigate insider threats.


The Bridwell Cyber Security In Critical Infrastructure Organisation 2023 Report showed that 67% of respondents had seen increased cyber security risk from insiders.

The report went further – in the last 12 months, the mean number of attacks suffered:

• Employee sabotage 

• Data theft, misuse

• Unauthorised employee access

• Accidental data loss / disclosure of data

• Nation-state attacks

– 21

– 20

– 20

– 20

– 21

• Employee sabotage – 21

• Data theft, misuse – 20

• Unauthorised employee access – 20

• Accidental data loss / disclosure of data – 20

• Nation-state attacks – 21

Who should attend?

Are you a risk officer, manager, chief information security officer, chief security officer, chief information officer, human resource manager or an IT manager responsible for developing risk, cybersecurity or insider threat strategy and transformation for your organisation?

Learn from the most trusted authority in the field of insider risk management, business continuity and human behaviour leaders.

Overview of the Program

The program is an intensive, accelerated and comprehensive course designed to assist you in rapidly gaining the necessary skills, capabilities and know-how to take the steps needed to prevent, detect, deter and respond to insider threats.

The program is designed to help you create high-value insider risk to meet and address stakeholder expectations.

Until now, organisations have relied on costly and time-consuming methods to reach cyber resiliency without taking into account the human factor and the risk posed by such people, whether it be intentionally or accidentally.

Typical cybersecurity education courses will provide you with valuable training, but the trouble is these attendees had no capability to address insider threats emerging from within their organisation.

This program uses an innovative learning model that the industry needs.

Unlike traditional courses, this program combines the practical path of dealing with insider threats, cybersecurity resiliency and human behaviour education with expert mentorship, resources and access to the Australian Institute of Insider Threat Premium membership.

Stop searching online for resources, information and tools necessary to help you prevent, detect, deter and respond to insider threats where AIIT can save you hundreds of hours, time and money.

This program was created with a busy professional in mind, condensing decades of knowledge, experience and know-how into an 8-week program, providing you with a flexible online study.

What Do You Get

• 8-week course

• Access to AIIT Premium Membership

• Access to AIIT Mastermind Group

• Complimentary copies of The Human Side of Cyber & 42 Risky Behaviours Of AN Insider Threats

• Course materials

• Study when it suits you, anywhere at any time


By the end of the program, you will be able to:

• Enlist the support of executives and other stakeholders to support you on your journey and, notably, keep them deeply engaged.

• Prioritise key initiatives to quickly build momentum and accelerate resiliency against insider threats.

• Fasten your insider risk transformation initiatives to broader business goals and strategies.

• Conduct a swift assessment and prioritise the mitigation of high-risk exposure.

• Develop a solid and realistic roadmap with the most cost effective and fastest way to get the desired outcome.

• You will also develop and expand your network of like-minded exceptional people.

• You will advance your skill set

• You will boost your career prospect

Course topics:

• Introduction to Insider Threats 

• Identify critical assets/processes/People

• Determine threats to your critical infrastructure (malicious and accidental) running a workshop

• Understanding the organisation’s capability to prevent, detect, deter and respond to insider threats

• Building a strategy risk plan

• Choosing the right tool (integration of information security as part of the pillar of inside threat)

• Establishing critical indicators in organisation data

• Establishing a vigilance program (monitoring & investigation)

• Responding to an insider threat

• Building a resilient program (BCP)

• Measuring and improving employee engagement

• Continuous Improvement & Learning