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We strive to create a personalised partnership to drive your objectives. We also collaborate with like-minded organisations to establish strategic alliances.

Here are the ways you can partner with us:

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Specialised Training for Your Team or Clients

Are you interested in tailored training courses for your organisation or clients? We offer dedicated classes that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Instead of attending our regular training courses, this is an excellent opportunity to collaborate on and customise the material exclusively for your organisation and/or clients.

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Listing On The Supplier Directory

Our Supplier Directory enables you to connect with professionals who are actively seeking your products and services. Showcase your offerings to those who need them the most and provide exclusive discounts.

As a listed Supplier, you will receive:

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Become A Strategic Partner

We seek collaboration with organisations that share our mission, vision, and values. If you are socially responsible and have a complementary audience and client base, we would be delighted to work with you.

As a strategic partner, you can either incorporate our offerings into your services or promote our events and courses to your community. By endorsing our events and courses, you enhance your brand reputation and association with good governance.

We are open to exploring various partnership opportunities, so please get in touch with us to share your ideas.

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