About Us

The Australian Institute of Insider Threats was founded by Boaz Fischer (CEO of Naked Insider) and Oren Fischer (CTO of CommsNet Group)

The Australian Institute of Insider Threats is an independent organisation providing high-calibre training on insider threats, human behaviour and risk management.

Every year, we run numerous specialised courses on the theory of insider risk management and how to apply it in practice across different sectors and scenarios.

The Australian Institute of Insider Threats offers a range of short courses, online education, certificates and tailored programs for organisations to help further their knowledge and education.

We are a national organisation headquartered in the Australian Capital Territory. We offer classroom training in the following cities:

Instructors Expertise

Our instructors are recognised as experts worldwide in Insider Threat, human behaviour, and risk management and provide more than just training. We are authors and recognised speakers and have helped government agencies, enterprises and other organisations with all aspects of human behaviour, risk and threats.

Training Course Guarantee

The Australian Institute of Insider Threat is extremely confident that students will find our courses very informative, practical and highly valuable. This is why we offer a training course guarantee. We will refund the course fee if any student feels that our courses do not provide the comprehensive knowledge to identify and mitigate Insider Threats.

Hosting a training class?

Suppose you are interested in a dedicated class taught to your organisation or group of people. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to not attend our training courses in private, but we can customise and collaborate on specific material for your organisation’s needs.

Want to learn more?

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