How China Spies On Dissidents In Other Countries

How China Spies On Dissidents In Other Countries

On a bitterly cold winter morning in China last year, a man who’d spent more than a decade working as a spy for the notorious secret police decided to flee his homeland.

For the first time, a former spy for China’s notorious secret police, one of the country’s most powerful intelligence agencies, reveals the covert and illegal operations he was ordered to carry out abroad and the dissidents he tracked in Australia, Canada, India, Cambodia, and Thailand.

In a major ABC investigation reported by Echo Hui, the spy known as Eric comes out of the shadows at great risk to himself to expose how China has used its global network to surveil, silence, and kidnap state enemies over the last two decades.

The spy reveals his double life and secrets. He discloses how the secret police operate, including their cover firms, his targets, and his methods.